In addition to the conditions for the use of personal information specified in the OICR Terms and Conditions (, the Toronto Bioinformatics User Group (TorBUG), through its announce mailing list collects your personal contact information.

Personal contact information is collected for the purpose of informing you of upcoming TorBUG events.

TorBUG will also collect SEO statistics for improving the site’s online presence and impact.

If you choose to provide us with additional information about yourself through an email to, any identifying information that you provide will be maintained per stated purpose.

TorBUG will maintain the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Access to this information will be limited to the TorBUG site administrators as per the stated purpose.

The information will be retained for the duration of TorBUG’s viability and you will be notified if the intended purpose for the collection of this information changes. If TorBUG is no longer viable, all personal information will be destroyed in a confidential and secure manner.

If you do not want your personal information to be retained and used for the purposes defined, please unsubscribe at:

Please see the OICR Terms & Conditions ( for further information about the use of your personal information.